Thursday, July 23, 2009

What make men decided to settle for someone?

Friendly attitude in any kind of bond, whether it is a casual chat or a long-term acquaintance makes and important quality, which mark you as a person. So making a good first impression on men makes you desirable companion in her eyes. So, from the beginning, even as friends, treat the guy with the most respect you. Avoid laughing at his hobbies, especially his sports skills.

Men are more likely to hit on physically attractive women

Men actively hit on women, and are more likely to hit on physically attractive women. When a woman send a guy signs of attraction it’s not only because she wants to date him, it’s to fulfil her romantic nature and prove his feminine importance. Most guys like to feel helpful especially to a woman. So take advantage of it and initiate contact with men that way.

Develop effective paths of communication with men

A man only needs to chat with a woman for a few minutes to figure out how attractive she is to him.
If a woman is physically attractive, she has a lot of opportunities with men. If long term relationships is your goal you can exploit those opportunities.

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