Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boracay trip

While riding a boat towards somewhere we don't actually know, the persons in charge on the boat was first. For after the boat trip, when we got back to Station 2, they said we lost one of their goggles (we knew that it was part of their strategy). They said nobody noticed it but they were able to say how it got lost. Now that was close to reality for my boyfriend saw the last position of that goggles before it disappeared. Nice try guys. Though they forced us to pay for that crap, my boyfriend's sister was stronger than them so we didn't pay a cent.

This photo was taken by my boyfriend's sister actually while we were posing on the left side of the sand castle.

Yes, we stayed in La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. The rooms are big, good, and clean. They have their own swimming pool by the way. You may choose whether you would like to have a breakfast buffet or not. I can say the place is special for local artists also stay here =). Actually, I saw Diana Zubiri (Bubble Gang Show actress on Ch7 every Friday night) checked in. Foreigners are also present here. It really is a good choice. We liked it and it was affordable.

Minutes before we board the plane, of course we had to eat breakfast. It may look unusual for this was a First-Class thing in Philippine Airlines =). We did felt special haha. The service, the free food, the sits on the plane...wish we could do it again this summer. Oh, also have to buy our own chips before the Big Day for those stuffs would cost high in Boracay. It's normal though.

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