Thursday, August 6, 2009

the movie "Taken" (2008)

I've watched this movie, Taken, and it somehow showed me what reality is, especially when going someplace far and alone. =S

The story involved a father, who used to be a "preventer" of bad things, as he defined it, was divorced to his wife but still had access to his daughter who happened to have her birthday 3 days before something went wrong.

Geez, try to watch this video and see how you would react on the girl's (the one who's holding the cellphone) actions that made her suffer a consequence of being kidnapped. It really was scary. So for those who's planning to go someplace far and alone, better think twice and wise enough and don't be stupid. Its a good thing she had a father like him (awww... =I)Nice movie by the way. It's a strong one, too. For all the ladies out there, check this movie out if you haven't yet.

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  1. i really enjoyed watching that movie - very thrilling!

  2. yes, and so did i =) its also trivial, too.

  3. I thought it was a fantastic movie, very clever how it was done. However, if you think this is scary for going some place on your own, try Wolf Creek. Hostel is another one but I haven't seen it.

  4. Wolf Creef, hmm haven't seen it, too. Hostel is one scary movie =) try watching it.

  5. this, for me, is a hit.. i loved the continuous action and suspense in this movie!



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